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Rapid7 Cybersecurity
Palo Alto Networks
Further, our official cooperation with Forcepoint company gives us a wide range of opportunities to use Forcepoint products. For example, providing official sales of Forcepoint products, providing official technical support services, official sales of DLP and DLP NGNF products and providing technical support services, etc. can be shown.
At the same time, as NetLine Technology & Academy, we officially cooperate with the CompTIA company and provide trainings such as Comptia A+, Comptia Security+, Comptia Network+, and teach classes based on official materials. This partnership gives our students the opportunity to take the CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Security + international exams at a discount of up to 20%.
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In addition, our team of professional engineers provides sales and technical services of Palo Alto, Rapid7, Ec-Council products at a high level within any project. At the same time, we cooperate with the Forestall company to organize cyber security standards in the Active Directory system infrastructure.
As a result of our official cooperation with the Fortigate company, official sales and official technical services of Fortigate products, Next Generation Firewall NGNN Switches from Fortigate products, switches, etc. we provide both sales and technical services.
We, as a company of Netline Technology, are an official partner of Cisco in the field of education, and this partnership helps us to provide an official international portal for various courses, Cisco CCNA, English for IT, Endpoint Security, Cybersecurity Essentials, Network Defense, Ethical Hacker - Pentest, Python. You can also take the Cisco CCNA 200 301 exam at 61% off with Netline Academy